Body & Mind Journey Treatments

Moroccan Bath

Moroccan bath comprises an exfoliating technique that helps in removing dead skin cells and make your skin feeling lighter. It hydrates your skin.

  • 60 mins AED 375
  • 90 mins AED 450

Body Wraps / Scrubs

Green Tea / Chocolate / Coffee / Rose Gold

Exfoliate your skin with our signature body wrap / scrub ritual. Available in assorted fragrances each having their own unique aromatic and beautifying properties.

  • 45 mins AED 375

Magic Touch

Your choice of treats..... with the help of our experts, relieve those muscle tensions with this treatment that combines exotic & essential ingredients from across the globe. There are truly very few things you can compare to this experience.

  • Full Body Massage (60 Mins). Thai Traditional / Aromatherapy / Balinese
  • Body Scrub (30 Mins)

  • 90 mins AED 580

Sense of Body

A purifying treatment that uses traditional cleansing techniques created from the greatest ingredients. Detox your body and mind.

  • Full Body Massage (60 Mins). Swedish / Deep Tissue / Balinese
  • Exotic Body Wraps (30 Mins)
  • Exotic Body Scrub (30 Mins)

  • 120 mins AED 700

The Final Touch

A treat to yourself to unwind & relax your body mind & soul.... indulge in the most uniquely craftedtherapies which can be customized to get the best results in you. Never to forget the beauty & glow for the new 'YOU'.

  • Head Massage (15 Mins)
  • Full Body Massage (75 Mins). Aroma / Deep Tissue / Balinese
  • Brightening Facial (50 mins)

  • 140 mins AED 800