Thalmarin Treatments (KLAPP Professional - German)

Thalmarin Draining Massage / Exfoliating / Algae Body Park

A combination of plan essential oils. It has a draining massage and purifying effect, improve circulation, simulates the breakdown of fat, has a detoxifying effect and smoothest the skin. It can be used on its own or in combination with Exfoliating marine Salt.
Active ingredients: Grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, maize germ oil, thyme, cypress, cinnamon, juniper, rosemary, sage, peppermints and lemon.

  • 130 mins AED 800

Thalmarin Exfoliating Exotic Massage

A mixture of fine marine salt and pulverised algae, which regenerates the mineral balance of the skin. It removes excessive skin scales abd makes the skin supple and smooth.

  • 45 mins AED 400

Thalmarin Algae Body Pack

Algae body pack made of natural compounds. the body is supplied with mineral and the microcirculation is activated. It has a smoothing, tightening and detoxifying effect.
Active ingredients: Seaweed focus, Vesiculosus (brown algae), Lithothamnium (red algae) and kaolin

  • 45 mins AED 400